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Handmade to order leather shoes.


Each pair of these super soft and comfy shoes are handmade using quality, deer or elk hide for the uppers. 


The soles are hand cut from sturdy buffalo hide. The soles are strong and these shoes can be worn outside as daily wear shoes.


Shoes are hand sewn, one stitch at a time, using artificial sinew.


These are a Mary Jane style shoe, with a lace tie.


Shoes/Moccasins are unisex and custom made to order (Size options are listed above). If possible, please send measurement of foot length and width as well. This helps us custom fit moccasin as close as possible.


Foot Measurements needed:
Length of foot from heel to longest toe
Width of widest part of ball of foot
Width of heel

Shoes/Moccasins are made to be worn without socks. Shoes/Moccasins will stretch some once worn and will mold to your foot shape. If you would like to wear your moccasins with socks, please let us know so we may allow for the extra room.


Various leather options available upon request, please contact us for current available colors. Pair pictured is made from buttery soft, natural tan color elk hide. You will receive this color shoe unless otherwise specified.


*Please note, all of our items are handmade and one of a kind. The pictures of our moccasins and other custom made to order pieces are to show the workmanship and quality. Leather texture and finish varies from hide to hide. Leather color varies some from hide to hide, one gold elk hide may be a bit lighter or darker than another, for example. We use quality hides from animals humanely treated and DO NOT support factory farming of any animal. Each order is handmade, moccasins are handsewn one stitch at a time and no machine is involved in the creation process. Crowwolf honors the ancient traditions of the Lakota in his handcrafted leather designs.


Each design handcrafted by Crowwolf and/or Katy is cleansed within the sacred smoke with prayer.


All items in our shop are shipped USPS Priority mail, insured and tracked within the domestic US. All orders outside the domestic US are shipped USPS First Class mail, insured and tracked.


Please allow 3-5 weeks for shipping as each pair is custom made.

Mary Jane Style Moccasins