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Hard Work Pays Off!

This piece may seem simple but every tiny bead is beaded by hand with thin thread and a needle.

You can see here that the turtle is half way done and by this point, I've spent about 3-4 hours on it.

I always take small breaks when beading since working with the this tiny of stuff can be frustrating and painful to my hands.

Here is the finished beaded piece right before I sew in onto a moccasin and/or medicine bag.

I sew the beaded piece right onto the moccasin and/or medicine bag instead of sewing it onto one piece of leather and then onto the order.

Here is the finished beaded piece sewn onto the medicine bag! You can also get just beaded pieces alone if you would like or something sewn onto your order as well! Check out our Etsy page with more of our products. The link is in the top right corner! Thank you and blessings!

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