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What's All Put Into Our Work

Whether you're looking at our shop for yourself or your friends and family, we dedicate ourselves to take care of the needs and wants of every person who comes through our shop. We hand make every piece that you see; it takes time and effort since every stitch is sewn, all leather is cut, and every hole punched by hand. It takes hours upon hours, even days and weeks, to finish up orders. We are just two people working on our own with no other help, it gets hard but we try our best to make everyone happy.

People don't see the heart and soul that is put into each piece and they don't see that we are humans too. Being humans, we feel every negative comment and/or review on our work. It breaks our hearts that someone is unhappy with our work or communication with them. Communication is hard when we have up to fifteen different conversations and sometimes questions or problems get overlooked due to the conversation being buried from newer ones that pop up regularly. We do make mistakes from time to time, so some orders do get messed up but we always work with the costumer so that we can fix the problem and leave them satisfied.

Our process starts by ordering the leather hides, ranging from deer to elk hide along with buffalo hide as the soles for moccasins. Once the leather arrives we bust it out, mark out what we need from it, and cut our patterns out. Our patterns include but are not limited to moccasins, bags, and hair braids. After the patterns are cut out, they are then punched with hole punches in order to then be sewn with artificial sinew. Thus begins the sewing part of the order; at which point if there is beading to be done on a certain bag or pair of moccasins, this is where it is done. Beading takes a great deal of time since both the beads and string are very small and hard to work with. Katy is the one who beads every piece on the leather work. It takes patience and time to bead pieces and depending on the piece size depends on how long it takes to bead the piece. So once everything is all sewn and looked over, the order is put together in a priority shipping box with a hand written note by Crowwolf.

Thank you for reading what all goes into our work! If you would like to check out all our products go to our Etsy page:

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